15: Civic Fruit

Lisa Gross

Can planting pairs of apple trees throughout a city act as a catalyst to bring diverse groups together to work on issues of food access, environmental justice, urban greening, and civic space?

Lisa Gross thinks so. She’s chairman and founder of the Boston Tree Party, a collaborative campaign to plant 100 pairs of heirloom apple trees in civic spaces across Greater Boston. In this episode, Alana talks with Lisa about the Tree Party and the possibilities for social cross-polination.

Episode 13: Art Without Rules

Nate HillTom talks with artist Nate Hill about his playful and sometimes controversial performances.

Nate began his artistic career with a series of “New Animals,” taxidermy sculptures of the fantastic creatures that populate his imaginary animal kingdom.

More recently, Nate’s work has combined performance and public engagement. He has offered free “bouncy rides” to passengers of the NYC subway system, made house calls to take away objects that trigger painful memories in their owners, and encouraged frustrated strangers to punch him in the chest.

8: Truth Teller

Aliza ShapiroAlana talks with artist and indie impresario Aliza Shapiro about DATUM, her upcoming solo show at MEME gallery.  

In addition to her visual and performance work, Aliza is also known for the many fabulous events she organizes.  Her production company, Truth Serum, is responsible for TraniWreck, a multi-genre gender cabaret; the CineMental film series; and the Boston incarnation of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School.

3: Picture Maker

Nikhil ChopraTom talks with performance and installation artist Nikhil Chopra about Yog Raj Chitrakar: Memory Drawing IX, on exhibit through February at New York’s New Museum.

Combining elements of live art, landscape drawing, painting, and photography, Nikhil’s work challenges conventional aesthetic boundaries.  His performances, intimately connected to his personal and family history, also examine and critique orientalist representations of India. 

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