7: A Place for the Genuine

Contributor CollageCNC celebrates National Poetry Month by inviting some of our favorite people to read some of their favorite poems.  


Listen to Episode 6 Episode 7: Poetry

About Our Guests

Thanks to everyone who made this episode possible.

Contributors are listed in order of appearance, next to what they read or contributed.

Tom Dodson | “Slow Dance,” by Matthew Dickman

Cat Ennis Sears | “Stanyon Street,” by Rod Mckuen

Abi Rupp | “The Forms of Love,” by George Oppen

Anne Moore | from Book IX of Paradise Lost, by John Milton

Erin Aults | from Asylum, by Amy Quan Barry

Neil Reagan | “Birches,” by Robert Frost

Ben Owen | “The Wish,” by Franz Wright

Christine Gentry | “The Whales,” by Kendra DeColo

Milo Miller | Commentary and readings of work by Shel Silverstein and from the children’s album Free To Be You And Me

Neil Reagan | “The Beauty of Things,” by Robinson Jeffers

Anne Moore | “Tricks with Mirrors,” by Margaret Atwood

Erin Aults | “Danse Russe,” by William Carlos Williams

Mimi Ahmad Sial | “1914,” by Philip Larkin

Alana Kumbier | “The Charm of 5:30,” by David Berman

Christine Gentry | “Delphiniums in a Window Box,” Dean Young

Music in This Episode

Intro: “The Remainder,” Rosehips from the album Rosehips.

Outro: “Enough,” Rosehips from the album Rosehips.



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