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8: Truth Teller

Aliza ShapiroAlana talks with artist and indie impresario Aliza Shapiro about DATUM, her upcoming solo show at MEME gallery.  

In addition to her visual and performance work, Aliza is also known for the many fabulous events she organizes.  Her production company, Truth Serum, is responsible for TraniWreck, a multi-genre gender cabaret; the CineMental film series; and the Boston incarnation of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School.


Listen to Episode 6 Episode 8: Truth Teller

deathbear.mp3 Drawing from Nightlife (A CNC Short)

Image Gallery

View images image #2 image #3 image #4 image #5 image #6 image #7 image #8 image #9 image #10 image #11 image #12image #13image #14image #15image #16of Aliza’s work and events.

About Our Guest

Aliza Shapiro grew up Boston and graduated from RISD in 1992 with a Bachelors of Architecture, a BFA, and a certificate in how to stay up very late while multitasking. Shapiro worked for several years as an architect, but is now a full-time producer, performance artist, visual artist, designer, and rabble-rouser who has been making events happen in New England since 1994 via Truth Serum Productions.

Music in This Episode

Intro: “The Remainder,” Rosehips from the album Rosehips.

Intermission: “Your Contemporaries,” The Lindsay from the album Dragged Out.

Outro: “Enough,” Rosehips from the album Rosehips.


Truth Serum Productions. “Events by and for big-brained people” since 1994.  To find out about Truth Serum events, get on the mailing list already.

TraniWreck.  Voted Best Gay Night 2009 by the Boston Phoenix, this all gender, all genre cabaret is hosted by Aliza’s alter ego, Heywood Wakefield.

The CineMental series explores the fringes of queer film, video and groundbreaking performative work with a decidedly alternative perspective.

Truth Serum also sponsors a Boston incarnation of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School.  Held at Great Scott, Dr. Sketchy is the drawing session you dreamed of in your deviously creative art school head. Hot models with crazy costumes, sometimes genderbending antics, poses that keep your interest for hours, nice folks around you, drinks, and it’s cheap.

DATUM, Aliza’s upcoming show (May 25-27) will be at Central Square’s MEME Gallery.  


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