11: It's Educational

April West

Alana talks with public school teacher April West about progressive education, charter schools, and teacher and student assessment in the age of No Child Left Behind.

April also explains how she came to re-evaluate her perspectives on standardized testing and social justice in education.

9: Child's Mind

Chris WillardTom talks with psychotherapist Chris Willard about his book, Child’s Mind, to be published this summer by Parallax Press. 

In the book, Chris discusses the benefits of teaching meditation to kids, adolescents, and young people. He not only presents scientific research, but also draws from contemplative traditions and uses storytelling to illustrate larger points.<--break->  He would also like you to know that Buddhists and other meditators are not doormats.

4: Farm Living

Ariel BermanAlana talks with farmer and community organizer Ariel Berman about his farm education and the Access to Agriculture project.

Ariel cultivates a vegetable farm in Concord, Massachusetts with fellow-farmer Laura Sackton.  He also works to remove physical and architectural barriers that hinder people from picking or growing their own wholesome food.

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