Death Bear Goes Visiting

Death Bear taking away painful memories. Photo by Kevin Walsh. Who or what is Death Bear? 

According to performance artist Nate Hill, this imposing ursine visitor is just a humble servant of the dispirited and the lovelorn:

We all have someone or something we would rather just forget. Things fall apart. Love hurts. Dreams die. But when you summon Death Bear to your door, you can rest assured that help has come … Death Bear will take things from you that trigger painful memories and stow them away in his cave where they will remain forever allowing you to move on with your life.”

In the CNC short below, Death Bear recounts his most harrowing adventure into the sadness of others’ lives.

deathbear.mp3 Death Bear Goes Visiting (A CNC Short)

Punch Me Panda

Photo by Rob Bennet for the Wall Street JournalPerformance artist Nate Hill, our guest for Episode 13, has been dressing up in a Panda costume and asking Brooklyn residents to punch him in the stomach.  

Coming Attractions | Death Bear

In the next year, we’ll be interviewing some amazing people about their interests, art, and lives.  Here is a sneak peak at one of our future guests.

Death Bear, photo by Carolyn ColeIf you are suffering from painful memories from a past relationship, it may be time to summon Death Bear.

TraniWreck Gold III

Photo by Derek KouyoumjianThere is still time (we hope) to get your tickets for this month’s edition of TraniWreck—an all gender, all genre variety cabaret mess.  Come out to Oberon in Cambridge tonight or Saturday and join in the fun.

We’ve also—just now, this minute—posted photos to go with Episode 8: Truth Teller, which featured an interview with TraniWreck organizer, Aliza Shapiro. Take a look at the image gallery on the Episode 8 page to see photos of past TraniWreck performances.

This month’s TraniWreck features host and MC Heywood Wakefield, with Johnny Blazes, Becca D’Bus, Frieda Fries, Madge of Honor, Stella Swingline and special guests—plus DJs to keep you dancing until 2am!



Bostonites, don’t forget to check out DATUM: an installation and performance of archiving, displaying and distributing the photographs of Aliza Shapiro, our guest for Episode 8.

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