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Aliza's Brain Trust

Aliza's Brain TrustIn May 2010, we interviewed artist and indie impresario Aliza Shapiro.

On Monday, July 25, 2011, Aliza was admitted to hospital and is being treated for a stroke caused by a brain hemorrhage. 

She currently has motor and vision impairment on her right side as well as language impairment.

Aliza will have a long challenging road back to full recovery but we know she will get there with the love and support of her family, friends and various creative communities.

Drawing from Nightlife

Bunnies posing at Dr. Sketchy's. Photo by Justin MooreDr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is not your typical drawing session. It’s held in a bar, for starters, and features models ranging from circus performers to drag queens.

Join us in this CNC short for an evening of bodily contortions, bad jokes, wardrobe malfunctions, and stories from the burlesque stage.

Voices in this short include (in order of appearance): Aliza Shapiro, Helena Prezio, Walter Sickert, Phil Eckberg, Porcelain Dalya (burlesque performer, stage name), Joanna “Jojo” Lazar, Juliana Funkhauser, Fonda Feeling (arielist, stage name).

deathbear.mp3 Drawing from Nightlife (A CNC Short)

Urban Country Fair

Urban Country FairAliza Shapiro’s production company, Truth Serum, is putting on a country fair tomorrow—right here in the city of Boston. You might remember that we featured Aliza in a previous episode.

TraniWreck Gold III

Photo by Derek KouyoumjianThere is still time (we hope) to get your tickets for this month’s edition of TraniWreck—an all gender, all genre variety cabaret mess.  Come out to Oberon in Cambridge tonight or Saturday and join in the fun.

We’ve also—just now, this minute—posted photos to go with Episode 8: Truth Teller, which featured an interview with TraniWreck organizer, Aliza Shapiro. Take a look at the image gallery on the Episode 8 page to see photos of past TraniWreck performances.

This month’s TraniWreck features host and MC Heywood Wakefield, with Johnny Blazes, Becca D’Bus, Frieda Fries, Madge of Honor, Stella Swingline and special guests—plus DJs to keep you dancing until 2am!

Dr. Sketchy

Johnny BlazesThe Boston incarnation of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School was just featured in the Boston Globe.  Dr. Sketchy is one of the many fabulous events organized by our pal Aliza Shapiro.  



Bostonites, don’t forget to check out DATUM: an installation and performance of archiving, displaying and distributing the photographs of Aliza Shapiro, our guest for Episode 8.

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